Handheld Optical Multi-meter

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics has released its handheld optical multi-meter which integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and a highly stable light source module into one unit. It is specially designed to test fiber optic cable and equipment. The multi-meter is widely used for maintenance in telecommunications, CATV and other fiber optic applications. It belongs to GAO’s Power Meter line of products.

This handheld optical multi-meter, model 5602, features stable output and a variety of configurations. It is able to perform closed-loop tests by using both modules. Each module can also operate independently. When used as an optical power meter, it uses an InGaAs detector. It is calibrated at a large number of wavelengths including 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm. The multimeter’s identification frequency range is 10 Hz to 60 kHz. When used as a light source, it offers an FP-LD emitter and operates at dual wavelengths at 1310 and 1550 nm. It has a typical output power of -7 dBm with a high stability of ±0.05 dB/15 mins or ±0.1 dB/8 h. This multi-meter is able to operate continuously for at least 6 hours with both the power meter and light source in use and 28 hours using the power meter only. It will automatically shut down after ten minutes of inactivity so as to conserve battery life. The energy-saving meter offers FC, SC and ST interchangeable connectors for selection. The multi-meter communicates with a computer via an RS232 interface. In addition, the multi-meter has a large memory capacity of 240 items for data storage.

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