16 Ports Economical Media Converter Frame

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics has announced the release of its 16 port  media converter frame which should be worked together with network management cards. It features high reliability, efficiency, ease of operation, easy maintenance and economical centre of optical networking solutions for network systems. It is designed and developed to be used in fiber optic nets with intelligent management, computer room with centralized management and control, network security systems which require high-performance security and is especially suited for areas with large fluctuation of power supply.

This economical media converter frame, model MC16, features plug-and-play design allowing the installation and removal of the converter unit without powering off the chassis. The rack can accommodate up to 16 optical transceiver modules simultaneously. It uses modular power design which prevents interference from electromagnetic signals. In addition, this media converter frame has internal voltage compensation to maintain reliable and accurate voltage power supply to the fiber optic modules.

This economical media converter frame belongs to GAO’s family of Frame. This line of products also includes 14/16 Port Converter Integrated Rack which is designed to accommodate 14/16 slide-in modules of various type of media converter at a central location for multiple segments cross connection. This line is very popular in optical network systems.

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