Military electro optical transceiver for harsh environment use offered by COTSWorks

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ohio, 17 July 2009. COTSWorks LLC in Highland Heights, Ohio, is introducing an electro optical transceiver for harsh environment military, aerospace, and industrial applications. The military optical transceiver operates from 100 megabits per second to 4 gigabits per second.

The RJ-SX family of military fiber optic transceivers can operate under industry standard protocols such as military Ethernet, Fibre Channel, or Infiniband, as well as military and aerospace standards such as AFDX and ARINC 818. The product enables video and data streaming in high shock and vibration.

The RJ-SX offers surface mount electrical leads with screw mount assembly options and a screw-mount fixture for keeping the laser and receiver in place. The optical cable interface is via standard LC receptacles as well as multimode fiber pigtails.

The RJ-SX also has digital diagnostics and monitoring meeting SFF-8472 standards providing transceiver information and dynamic feedback on optical output and receive power, temperature, and electrical power use, enabling predictive failure analysis during operation with programmable warning alarms.

The RJ-SX operates with 850-nanometer VCSEL lasers and PIN receivers with monitor diodes for stable operation in temperatures from -40 to 95 degrees Celsius. Separate power planes for transmit and receive help prohibit catastrophic power failures.


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