Handheld Optical Variable Attenuator

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics has launched its handheld optical variable attenuator used in such applications as telecom and CATV maintenance, comprehensive cable construction systems and optical instruments research and development.

This optical variable attenuator, a compact and portable instrument, is also widely used in fiber link certification and routine maintenance as well as in lab environments.

This handheld optical variable attenuator, model C0270001, features low battery power, on line attenuation, auto-off function and stepwise attenuation of 0.05 dB steps. It combines the functionality of both an attenuator and an optical power meter into one unit. This allows users to set the output power level directly thus improving the overall testing efficiency.

This attenuator works with typical 9/125 single mode fibers and offers FC and PC interchangeable connectors for selection. It provides an attenuating wavelength range from 1260 to 1650 nm at an accuracy of ±0.8 dB and a wide measurement range from 2.5 to 65 dB. Calibrated wavelengths are 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 nm. Wavelength, input power, output power, current attenuation and selected step size and absolute and relative attenuation value can be displayed simultaneously on the LCD screen. Moreover, the attenuator has memorizes all settings at power-off.

For sales inquiries please contact:

1-877 585-9555 ext. 601 – Toll Free (USA & Canada)

1-416 292-0038 ext. 601 – All Other Areas



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