Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Used in a Variety of Fiber Optic Applications

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics is offering its Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) for testing in a variety of fiber optic applications including WDM, MAN, FTTH and LAN networks.

This multi-function OTDR, model C0250002, provides wavelengths of 1310 and 1550 nm. It can be used in both auto and manual measurement modes. The ODTR features a short event dead zone of 1.6 m, a high resolution of 0.025 m, up to 128 k sampling points and a convenient visible fault location (VFL) function.

It creates fiber event reports, fiber zone reports and fault reports. The OTDR offers complete curve display. It has USB ports for file transfer and software upgrades. The OTDR provides three print modes including standard mode (full-size, multipage OTDR report), compressed mode (one page report) and curves (four six or eight curves on one page).

This OTDR has a high level antireflection TFT screen allowing results to be clearly displayed. It is powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery or AC adapter for over 8 hours of continuous testing operation on a single charge.

This extremely durable OTDR belongs to GAO’s family of OTDRs. Another similar product in this line is handheld fiber optic OTDR which is an innovative test instrument for telecommunication networks and is specially designed for fiber network construction and maintenance in FTTx, WAN and CATV systems. This line of OTDRs is important test equipment used in fiber optic work. They are widely applied in the manufacture, construction and maintenance of optical fibers.

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