Optical Cable Routing Detector Operates with Dual Frequencies

Toronto, Canada - GAO Fiber Optics has announced the release of its optical cable routing detector which integrates a transmitter and a receiver into one unit. This detector is able to quickly and efficiently detect the route and depth of buried optical fiber cable.

This optical cable routing detector, model C0290001, uses multi-coil electromagnetic technology and advanced digital signal processing techniques for accurate location. It can identify a target pipeline from multiple pipelines. Different locating modes and functions are used to improve measurement efficiency. It provides multi transmit modes including injection method, inductance method and clamp method which operate at dual frequencies of 480 Hz and 31 Hz to meet different needs.

This optical cable route detector also features automatic gain adjustment, pipeline state detection and has a low battery indication. It provides multiple pipeline routing distances in different transmitting modes. With injection method, it provides a maximum distance of pipeline routing of up to 10 km; with inductance method, the maximum distance of pipeline routing is up to 3 km and when using clamp method, it offers a maximum distance of pipeline routing of up to 6 km.

This optical cable routing detector belongs to GAO’s family of Fiber Optic Instruments. Featured products included in this line are Rugged Handheld Visual Fault Locator which is widely used for fiber optic network maintenance in telecommunications and CATV systems, Handheld Optical Variable Attenuator which can be used in digital system communication devices such as PHD and SDH and also in analog modulation CATV systems and Multi-Function Optical Time Domain Reflectometer which features a short event dead zone of 1.6 m, a high resolution of 0.025 m, 128 k sampling points, and a convenient visible fault location (VFL) function.

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