Precise And Reliable Temperature Control For Device Testing And Characterization

SP Industries Inc. has announced a new version of its FTS ThermoJet temperature cycling system. Enhanced data logging capabilities now enable the system to be used for device characterisation through advanced trending and data analysis. The new generation system also allows easy data transfer to a PC using a USB Memory Stick.

Temperature cycling using the FTS ThermoJet is a proven method used to rapidly assess the reliability of products. A product which is alternately heated and cooled stresses any component that has a thermal expansion mismatch. The FTS ThermoJet system provides a source of precisely controlled hot and cold air that can be used for rapidly testing components, hybrids, modules, PCBs, and assemblies.

The FTS ThermoJet is the only temperature cycling air system that utilises a dual stage cascade refrigeration system. This enables it to deliver the highest cooling capacity, heat removal, and reliability on the market. The FTS ThermoJet delivers unmatched temperature transition speeds, in only 10 seconds you can cycle your product under test from +225C to -80C. The system is capable of maintaining a temperature of -80ÂșC at a flow rate of 20 scfm facilitating increased throughput and productivity.

Compact and completely self-contained the FTS ThermoJet requires no external cooling source such as liquid Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen. Using standard off-the-shelf environmentally friendly refrigerants the system reduces downtime and saves on maintenance costs.


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