Identec Solutions provides RFID for trucking terminals in Brazil, Spain

Austria’s Identec Solutions announced that two trucking terminals–the Tecon Santa Catarina terminal in Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil and the DPW Tarragona terminal in Spain–have chosen Identec’s active RFID technology for truck identification and automated job promotion.

The active RFID based solution includes long-range tags, readers and integration software so that the system can leverage the terminals’ existing GPS and Terminal Operating Systems.


The tags, which are affixed to the chassis of all trucks in the terminals, are read by RFID readers mounted on every container handling equipment. Once the tag is read a message is sent to the Terminal Operating System (TOS) for automated job promotion. The TOS takes the data supplied by the readers and downloads the appropriate job to the Position Determining System (a GPS based tracking system) and the task is executed and automatically confirmed.

According to Identec, the automated job promotion solution eliminates data entry, increases productivity in container hand offs and improves worker safety. Both solutions have been developed and deployed by SIMEC, a local Madrid, Spain based system integrator.

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