Well-Designed Optical Repeater Module for WCDMA Networks

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics, a leading supplier of fiber optic equipment, launched its upgraded, highly accurate optical repeater module .intended for WCDMA networks and RoHS compliant products. The RF module monitors and controls optical output power, LD bias current, received optical power, input and output RF signal power of master, received FSK signal power and RF gain through the module’s MCU.

The optical repeater module, model HRFM-15221DSS, is furnished with a high sensitivity linear analog PD; a high optical power DFB laser; a low noise , high linearity RF amplifier, as well as, built-in Bi-Di components and an FSK monitor. It provides selectable data rates of 9.6 and 19.2kbit/s. This intelligent optical repeater module has a master port and a slave port. In the slave, a laser with a wavelength of 1.5μm is selected as transmitter and an analog PD as optical signal receiver.

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