Fiber Optic Power Meter

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics, a leading supplier of fiber optic equipment, launched its upgraded, highly accurate handheld fiber optic power meter. tests absolute light power in dBm and tests loss or relative power level in dB in single mode optical cable networks. The cost-effective fiber optic power meter conducts fast and accurate measurements and is an ideal solution for the installation, debugging and maintenance of telecommunication networks, CATV networks and local network projects.

This portable fiber optic power meter, model 3023, features a compact size, light weight and low power consumption, interchangeable connectors and traceable calibration certificates. A large high resolution backlit LCD screen is provided for a clear view of measured optical power and wave length. The portable fiber optic power meter operates over a wavelength range of 780nm to 1700nm with an input range of -43dBm to 27dBm at an accuracy of ± 1%; it offers a full range accuracy of ±5% (±0.21dB) at 1300nm/1310nm/1550nm wavelength signals. Powered by two NiMH AA batteries, this sophisticated power meter can work effectively and continuously for 20hours. Furthermore, it offers a 3000µm Ge optical detector and provides FC and SC connectors for selection.

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