Well Priced CWDM-GBIC-1470 Cisco Compatible Transceivers

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics recommends its Cisco compatible 1000Base-CWDW GBIC transceivers operating at a wavelength of 1470nm. The transceivers are hot-swappable input/output devices that plug into an 802.3z standards-compliant GBIC port or slot of a Cisco switch or router in the fiber-optic networks. They are designed to support SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and other communications standards and are used for telecommunications and data communications.

This simple and powerful concept allows a dramatic increase in flexibility. If the host device supports protocol transparency then one can build a tremendous variety of applications with a very small number of host system types.

GAO Fiber optics supplies these modules in addition to optical transceivers at other wavelengths for use in CWDM (Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing) applications. GAO Fiber Optics provides a wide range of SFP-based systems with powerful features for physical network connectivity, including media converters, distance extenders, cross-connect, Ethernet switching and routing equipment, and wave division multiplexing solutions.

For more information about this product please visit Cisco compatible 1000Base-CWDW GBIC transceivers, or contact sales@gaofiberoptics.com.

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