Optical Fiber Identifier with LED Indicators

Toronto, Canada GAO Fiber Optics has released its low cost, portable optical fiber identifier which identifies an optical fiber by detecting the optical signals passing through in order to avoid interrupting the traffic or opening the fiber at a splice point for identification. It is commonly used in the maintenance, installation, rerouting or restoration of fiber optic networks. It is also applicable for bare fibers.

This optical fiber identifier, model LP-251, identifies frequency tones at 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz and displays 3 levels of signal intensity. An audible tone can be heard when destructive detection is present on the fiber during test. Meanwhile, the traffic direction can be identified and indicated by LED indicators. The identifier features Low bending loss, high efficient output, easy-to-replace adaptors, and low power consumption. By using non-destructive macro bending technology, this optical fiber identifier offers efficient, accurate and reliable data acquisition and makes no disruption, damage or overstress to the fiber.

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